The Sagres model from Vista Alegre is a classic and refined Portuguese crockery model. It has embossed motifs on the rims, forming a gentle undulate wave, evocative of the sea tamed by the Portuguese navigators.

Old Country Roses originally launched in 1962 and is now renowned for being synonymous with Royal Albert and fabulous British dinner and tea parties.

We have a few plates and other items,in the Westbury pattern from Wedgwood, one of the premier English Bone China makers. This pattern was produced from 1965 to 1990 meaning that has been discontinued for a long time. Those specific items that we have are from 1970.

A very rare late 70's early 80's SPAL crockery set designed by the American artist Mary Lou Goertsen. SPAL is a well renown Portuguese porcelain manufacturer founded in Alcobaça (Portugal) in 1965. 

Vintage Johnson Brothers "Fresh Fruit" tableware made in England. From the 90's. The set has the characteristic octagonal shape. Various pieces available for your special event. See below what we have available for rental.

Here you can find a selection of tea and coffee pots that you can hire from the Treasure Chest in Lagos. Styles vary from modern to classis, from antique to vintage. Scroll down to see what we have. We will be adding more to our collection on a regular basis, so check back often.

What would a tea party be without the right crockery? Crockery that will match your tea party event theme? At the Treasure Chest we offer a variety of tea cups and saucers to meet most party themes, but our favourite remains the vintage style. To see what we can help you with... just scroll down and see for yourself.

Vintage Johnson Brothers "Ethernal Beau" tableware made in England. From the 90's. The set has the characteristic octagonal shape. Various pieces available for your special event.

In many ways, event flowers just adds that extra touch to make your event unique. Why? Well many events get held at the venue you hire but the florals are what “dress” it up. But the containers you choose are just as important. In the Treasure Chest rental department, we sure you will find the right glass vases for your event. Check what we keep in our store.

A crystal vase makes your event flowers look stunning without overpowering them, and are beautiful choices for your event decor. See below our selection of crystal vases. We sure you will agree with us, that its difficult to choose when you are offered a selection of crystal vases for your event.

At the Treasure Chest we offer you an assorted selection of porcelain food platters. Scrowl down to see what we have.

At the Treasure Chest party and event rental department you can find an assortment of food serving platters. Scroll down to see what we have in our store.

At the Treasure Chest rental department you can find an assorted series of glass bowls that you can use for your party or small event. Scroll down to get an idea of what we have.

At the Treasure Chest rental department we have a small but interesting collection of casual vintage china. Ranging from your classic look to a more rustic look.

Rent from us modern or classic cutlery with or without decorative elements, with metallic, wooden, coloured surfaces or with glossy finishes. At the Treasure Chest we believe that its important to lay a table with cutlery that perfectly matches the event theme.

Who does not like to have access to beautiful linen during an event? That's where the Treasure Chest comes in with our small but very interesting collection of vintage linnen.

At the Treasure Chest we have not only a small range of tables, chairs and dressers but many other items too... ranging from the classic look to shabby chick. Below you'll find a snap shot of what we can offer you.

You are invited to enter the door to our mix of props and to let your imagination run wild. We always aim to help you make your event dream a reality. If we don't have what you looking for, we will go out of our way to try and find it.

Celebrations and gatherings are shared across time. At the Treasure Chest, we love the history in our unique inventory. How stories of the past will inspire the story of your event. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our brand and therefore, the integrity of your celebration.

At the Treasure Chest we can provide some small and unique items for your photo shoot. However some of the items provided on rental to the shoot due to its value or scarcity will need one of our members to be present during the shoot so as to ensure that the specific item or items does not go missing during event.

The next time you need to come up with a theme for a business event, a birthday party for adults or youth, or a hen's party... don’t walk the plank, instead let the Treasure Chest team captain your ship and help you design the perfect nautical themed event for your party size and budget.