MyChoice Pantry Fundraiser Campaign

MyChoice Pantry Fundraiser Campaign

To be able to launch this empowerment project, we will need to raise funds. If this project speaks to you, please donate so we can make it happen.

Our target: Raise 20,000€ for set-up costs



The “MyChoice” community pantry is a project of Empowerment Gateway designed to provide access to subsidised food to our target population in the Algarve region. We estimate that approximately 15% of residents in the Algarve will qualify for assistance. The expected increase in demand for our food programs is going to escalate as a result of the Covid 19 restrictions and disastrous economic impacts that continue to be felt across the region. Empowerment Gateway does not receive support from government, charitable organizations or corporate businesses.


Who will we serve?

The target beneficiaries, are families in need across the Algarve, and nearly half of those that will be served by the program are children.

We know that our services improve the ability of families to care for children, the elderly and other family members. It’s our goal to see these members empowered over time into a position of self-sufficiency.


Empowerment Gateway’s goal is to alleviate hunger by soliciting, collecting, and packaging food for distribution through a network of local hubs. Our services include weekly and monthly food box programs, as well as 14-days emergency food programs.

The program will actively solicit food from local food growers, retailers, wholesalers, and processors. In addition, Empowerment Gateway collects food donations from local community members. Funding raised will also be used to purchase items not received through the other mechanisms mentioned above.

Why Donate?

The funding we are looking for, is a very small investment in comparison to cost of ignoring the problem of hunger in the Algarve, and the influence it has on a number of health and crime issues. We have to buy food when it is not donated. We also have many costs associated with paying for volunteer’s refreshments and travelling, transport, communications, building space to store and distribute the food


How will the funding raised be applied?

Budgeted 3-month & Start-up Expenses

  • Budget Item
  • Rent (3 months + Dep)
  • Warehouse Equipment, etc.
  • Insurance (annual)
  • Alarm
  • Stationery etc.
  • Brochures, etc.
  • Food Collection & Del
  • Purchasing additional food items
  • Sundries
  • Total Budgeted Expenses



The "MyChoice" community pantry infrastructure will also be used to run the "Food for Thought" program.