How does the "MyChoice" Community Pantry Work?

How does the "MyChoice" Community Pantry Work?

The "MyChoice" Pantry is structured to run as a membership based project. The first pilot project is planned to be set-up in Lagos, before replicating across the the rest of the Algarve as a social franchised operation.

The "MyChoice" Pantry it’s a club where members make a weekly or monthly financial contribution. In return, members gain access to a minimum number of  food/toiletries/houselhold cleaning items per week.

Members benefit from the EG "MyChoice" Community Pantry in different ways.

  1. It assists in the management of weekly shopping. Members have the opportunity to visit the Pantry before going to a supermarket, and reduce their weekly shopping spend.
  2. The pantry is a safety net. If they are struggling for money at a particular time, perhaps the washing machine has packed in or the car broken down, they know they have the pantry to ‘fall back on’ so that they will not go without food.
  3. Members will use the Pantry as and when they have a need.
  4. For members on very limited budgets the pantry is an on-going essential source of food; without it, people would be going hungry or living on very limited diets.

During the pilot project, membership is open to anyone within the Lagos council area who satisfies a basic ‘low income’ criterion. There’s a cap on total number of members. Currently we are putting a ceiling on 200 members.

Example of items that will be stocked in the pantry

Grocery items might include beans, peas, corn, tinned tomatoes, meat, frozen ready meals, pasta, tea and coffee and milk, as well as one-off items that happen to be available from week to week.

Where will the items come from?

The food that will be stocked in the Lagos EG Pantry will be sourced from individual food donors that live in the Lagos council area. We will also be approaching food suppliers to create a sustainable supply chain.

How will it be run?

The EG Lagos Community Pantry will be run by volunteers, thus providing opportunities for people to gain work experience, give something back to their community, or just spend a few hours getting to know their neighbors.

What else will members benefit from?

It is planned that the members will have an opportunity to attend various cooking demonstrations, seasonal competitions and other types of events.