The Executive Team

Laurinda Seabra

Laurinda has extensive experience in leadership positions in the non-profit, as well as industrial and engineering business sectors. Parallel to her day-to-day working environments, and as an activist, Laurinda has been promoting equity, sustainable development and environmental protection for over 40 years. Throughout all aspects of her life, she has demonstrated her commitment to a human rights-based approach. 

Laurinda is well versed in strategic planning, program design, management, programs execution, monitoring and evaluation. She has facilitated many strategic plans formulation for the organisations she has worked with in the past, and those that she continues to work with.

She is also highly experienced in working and liaising with international business and government leaders, governmental and non-governmental institutions, including community based and grassroots organizations.

Laurinda is a mother of two, and has 5 grandkids, that live in South Africa and New Zealand. Since her early retirement in 2004, both as an Executive Strategic Management Consultant and as a partner in a South African manufacturing and consulting civils and mechanical engineering company, servicing the mining, energy and petrochemical industrial sectors, she has been actively involved on a full time basis with civic society organisations in South Africa, UK, Portugal, USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries around the world including many EU member states.

Joe Stokes

Joe has an eletronics engineering executive management background, with a proven track record of success in both the private and civic society sectors with extensive understanding of traditional and new business models, the open source business models as well as the NGO and social enterprise operational environments. Still actively involved with technology driven communities (IT, ICT, Engineering, Cloud Computing, Virtualisation, etc), nonetheless, his passion for human development and the protection of human rights drives his commitment to leaving a better world for future generations and anchors his active participation with civic organisations.

Joe is a father of two. Took early retirement as a Director of a well recognised leader in the IT/Design industry, and since 2004 has been directly involved as a Technical Director for various not-for-profit organisations in South Africa, UK, Portugal.

Jean Jacques de Coninck

Jean Jacques is a passionate human rights activist with a solid background anchored in engineering and operations executive management. Jean Jacques is at home managing multi-million dollar engineering projects across the world with overall responsability for the successful delivery of these projects, or managing the budgets of small NGOs. Since early retirement more than 20 years ago, Jean Jacques has held an active management role with various civic society organisations in Portugal.