Our Social Objectives

Below you'll see a list of our objectives as written in our Memorandum of Association, which focus on the four pillars of sustainability - covering human, social, economic and environmental factors.

Empowerment Gateway Social Objectives

  1. The objective is geared towards the empowerment of human beings, in attaining socio-economic sustainability, in balance with various other factors, in a multidimensional view of human nature, that is, valuing human lives beyond their financial success, but taking into account the various social, political, emotional, spiritual, cultural and environmental aspects as sources of equal importance in achieving this object.

  2. Through the cooperation and mutual assistance of its members, in compliance with collaborative principles, it aims at satisfying community as well as individual socio-economic sustainability through the concession of goods and the provision of services, including but not limited to, in the following areas:

    a) The creation of commerce, such as stores, fairs, markets and other methods with a view to promoting and ensuring the sustainability of the charity, its projects and activities;

    b) Creation of mutual assistance networks and direct support, focusing on the areas of work, economy, health, food, environment and well-being directed at specific, but not limited to, target groups (such as children, the elderly, victims of domestic violence, needy families, cultural minorities, single mothers);

    c) Development of consolidated projects to improve the quality of life of the community and / or the various specific target groups, through economic insertion, improvement of the environment and nature, health promotion, education, training and professional integration;

    d) Resolution of housing problems, namely promoting and managing residences, as temporary refuge centres for individuals, victims of family violence and for various specific target groups;

    e) Implementation of recreational, cultural and sports initiatives, as a way of overcoming existential poverty in these areas, and empowering the target populations and groups and / or as a way of promoting projects or raising funds for the charity projects and activities;

    f) Streamlining information campaigns and actions, collecting signatures, petitions and initiate legal actions with a view to clarifying and accessing truth and justice, in the areas of violence against target groups and the protection and promotion of health, the environment, nature, territory and intangible and material heritage, as fundamental elements for overcoming poverty.