About the EG Friends

About the EG Friends

Like a lot of small, independent non-profit organizations, Empowerment Gateway began as a volunteer-led labour of love. We’ve grown a lot since the original concept was born in 2004 in South Africa, and we’ve learned a lot since then.

We grew not only in community out-reach, but also with the number of causes we care about and continue to act upon. But with the growth of our areas of impact, our costs increased as well, to the point that the founders can no longer support the growth on their own.

Being a Friend of Empowerment Gateway gives you the opportunity to have a positive impact across our local communities, either directly or indirectly; it enables you to be part of a growing non-profit organization; it enables you to be a positive contributor to the causes you really care about.

The Friends membership program, along with proceeds from many of our events, sales from our charity store in Lagos, as well as contributions from other service’s helps us cover the costs associated with running our organisation and contribute significantly to reducing the costs of running many of our causes - administrative and operational expenses. Covering for example the costs of technology, membership management, marketing, advertising, printing, venue rentals, travelling, administration, legal and accounting, etc.


Who Are the EG Friends?

  • The Friends of Empowerment Gateway are all the people (individuals, families, friends as well as businesses) that help our organisation create awareness and provide financial resources in support of our mission.
  • The Friends are also dedicated volunteers and provide much need human resources in support of the causes that our organisation runs and which are closer to their hearts.
  • The Friends support Empowerment Gateway operations.
  • The Friends raise funds through donations, memberships, events, and throught sales from our Charity Shop and memberships of our Professional Services Network.
  • The Friends also provide outreach education, they are volunteers, and also activly promote and market the programs they identify closely with.



Or download a membership application form in the attachment section and email it to us with proof of payment

Refer Your Friends to Join the EG Family and Save

For each new member recruited, we will issue a redeemable voucher of 10€ that can be used at Empowerment Gateway niche market charity shop in Lagos, at events and workshops during your membership year, or applied to the next annual membership fee.


Don't Delay - Get Your EG Friend Membership Card Today

The Empowerment Gateway’s Friends membership card provides you with a membership, which offers a range of benefits, information, discounts, exclusive events, and entertainment offers, including giving you immediate access to the "InContact" support program.



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