Share Knowledge

Share Knowledge

In the Algarve a large section of our Expat community are retired professionals and executives. We call on each one of you to consider donating not only money to our organisation, but to donate your knowledge too. This call to action is in fact open to all professionals and executives whether you are retired or not ...

I have witnessed first-hand how important volunteerism is to so many people, but many professionals and retired executives shy away from volunteering because the normal volunteering opportunities that exist, fails to engage their left-brain.

With this in mind, we surveyed hundreds of professionals in countries across the globe. Some retired, some still employed in executive and professional careers.

The majority told us that “skills-based” volunteerism, that leverages an individual’s particular strengths and interests, was much more rewarding than traditional programs that offer a generic opportunity to help. Furthermore, we learned that this mode of giving delivers a greater impact to the community through skills and knowledge transfer programs and opportunities.

A skills-based, or pro bono, approach is about donating skills, not just money.

We are looking for professionals that would like to use their area of expertise, be it leadership, strategy, accounting, operations, technology, finance, or human resources on a pro-bono basis.

“Using your skills in these type of projects makes you feel like the work is going to have a much greater impact”

“I want to feel like I’m giving back, but I also want to use my business and professional background.”

Above are words that some of those that we surveyed told us. How about you? Would you like to donate some of your left-brain knowledge to our organisation? Then get in touch with us today.

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