Join the Empowerment Gateway Community – Partner with us

Join the Empowerment Gateway Community – Partner with us

Empowerment Gateway is a leading UK registered not-for-profit organisation, currently focusing our operations in the Algarve region of Portugal. Our focus is on providing the tools needed to empower local communities, and ensure the long-term self-sustainability of individuals, families and communities. But we know we cannot do it without the help of all.

Currently individuals, families and communities across Portugal are facing rising challenges to their sustainability. And the Algarve region is one of the hardest hit.

Many are loosing their sources of income, unemployment is rising and small businesses are facing bankruptcy.

This is a clear path to poverty … a state of affairs that motivates us to do all that we can to put the breaks on this massive threat.


Opportunities to partner with Empowerment Gateway

1: Strategic partnerships

Business can benefit from a strategic partnership, as sources of new customers and the location of suppliers. Empowerment Gateway helps companies to invest in social and environmental issues to benefit your business and the communities you work in. We can work at all levels of your business to integrate Sustainability models into operations and develop tailored initiatives that align with corporate aims and objectives.

2: Business donations

With innovative activities being launched across the Algarve currently by Empowerment Gateway, it offers many ways for companies that see the value of promoting sustainability as a way of life. Businesses that wish to support sustainability models through a recognised, reputable charity, and as a platform to assist in reaching it, can contribute with corporate donations.

3: Customer engagement

A partnership with Empowerment Gateway offers many ways to engage your customers while highlighting your commitment to promoting a more equal world.

4: Emergency response appeals

When global disasters hit, people’s desire to help can be a powerful force. Providing opportunities for customers to respond via specific appeals is an effective way to show that your company cares.

5: Micro-donations

Cause-related marketing has mutual benefits for your company and for Empowerment Gateway. It is a great way for smaller businesses to contribute to big things! Enabling micro-donations to our life-changing projects through your work could boost your sales while supporting a good cause.

6: Collaboration in specific campaigns

Supporting Empowerment Gateway campaigns through media engagement, events and tailored activities sends a clear message to your customers about your company’s identity, provides them with additional ways to interact with your brand and helps show you are living your values.


More Reasons to partner with us

Empowerment Gateway leadership are trusted partners of many local businesses in the Algarve. We believe working together with the local and international business sector is an effective way of solving complex community challenges, with benefits for both companies and communities.

That’s why we partner with businesses of all sizes to identify opportunities to connect their goals with our mission and work.

Drawing on resources and experience from our global network of partners and supporters, we find the best opportunities for your company to engage with our work so we can promote a more sustainable world for all - together!


If you would like to know more on how you can partner with Empowerment Gateway, we invite you to get in touch.

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