Safe@Home Program

Empowerment Gateway is committed to assist seniors to live in safer home environments.

Fill in the form below to submit your application for an assessment. Once you have submitted the application, someone from our office will contact you to take the process further.

In the past two years, the founders of Empowerment Gateway have been assisting in Lagos, various individuals and families in making their homes not only safer but also more pleasant to live in, thus improving our program beneficiaries, as well as our client's quality of life. Scroll down for our list of services.

There are several ways that you can get involved to support us, be it through money contributions or by supplying us with tools and products. Here's a short list, but its not exhaustible.

This article gives you a very quick overview of what you can expect, when its the very first time that you volunteer for one of our onsite projects.

Do you enjoy organizing? Love hanging out with older adults? Do you enjoy "thinking outside the box" to solve problems? Are you willing and able to roll up your sleeves to get the job done?

Are You a Mr.or Ms. Fix-It? Handy around the house? Older Adults Need Your Help!

If you are software savvy, your skills can help older adults stay connected to friends and family. Become a volunteer computer support technician for Safe@Home and give basic computer support to older adults in our community.

As some of the seniors we assist may have gardens, occasionally we need assistance to make their outside areas safer.

By partnering with Empowerment Gateway's "Safe@Home" program you have an opportunity to not only assist those in need in our local communities, but also to promote your services to a much broader audience across the region.

The Issue

It’s a fact that so many elderly people have pets, and when an unforeseen accident happens the animals are left on their own. If family and friends live nearby and are aware of the crisis, then the pet’s welfare will not be a problem.

The Issue

There are a high number of elders that remain in hospital for longer than is necessary, simply because they homes are not geared to address their mobility or home care safety needs.

The Issue

Elders living in isolation often also suffer from dementia, which can have devastating impacts on the quality of life of these individuals. Onset of paranoia can also lead these individuals to stop looking after their homes, stop eating, suffer from depression and slowly just waste away.

The Issue

Many old houses in the Algarve have serious mould issues due to poor construction methods and high levels of humidity. This situation can have serious health impacts on its habitants if not addressed correctly and timeously.