Easy Meal Recipes

Using any cream of mushroom soup tins that you may have received as part of your food pack, means that you now have the ingredients that will enable you to have a nice and tasty creamy sauce that can be mixed with tuna, any type pasta and peas.

Casseroles are a great way to feed many hungry mouths. This broccoli and rice casserole bake is no exception.

This quick sausage and chickpea dish is perfect for weeknight meals! You can throw it together quickly with just a few ingredients.

Its a factor of life, that often we do not know how to use tin sardines to make a meal out of it. Here's an interesting recipe that you can have with rice or with a salad.

When all you have in your cupboards is spaghetti, tuna and beans, here’s another recipe that uses canned tuna and beans.

This is a recipe that my kids loved when they were growing up (and still do) and so does the whole family too. This is without a doubt an easy and cheap recipe, especially if you grow your own chives.