Food for Thought Program

Providing access to food to qualifying individuals and families in need, as well as general information and advice to expats, local residents and visitors to the Algarve!

The “Food for Thought …” program was officially launched in April 2020 as a result of the corona virus lockdown in Portugal. Although an informal service providing food and other household products to those in need, has been in operation since 2015.

Food is Love... Everyone involved, does it with love throughout the entire operational chain – be it when they donate food items, go on a shopping spree to add additional items to the food packs, when selecting and packing the food, or delivering it to those in need.

Read on to see if you qualify for support, and can submit an application for food support. The "Food for Thought" program aims to provide access to food to those in need who are not being assisted by other organisations or institutions.

Many have stereotyped the individuals that seek food aid. But when you are forming your own opinion, please just make sure you're not falling for any of the common myths described below.

Fill in the form below to submit your application. Once you have submitted your application, someone from our office will contact you to take the process further.

Fill in the form below to submit the application on behalf of another person or family that you have identified as being in need of food support. Once you have submitted the application, someone from our office will contact you to take the process further.

When you get in touch with the "Food for Thought" for the first time, it can be difficult to ask for help, and we understand that. But keep in mind that we work to create a positive, safe and welcoming environment to make it easier to access food should you require assistance.

When you or your business make a food donation, you bring hope to a family’s table and benefit our communities across the Algarve. The bowl of cereal that fills a child’s stomach, the can of soup that warms an elderly person, the lunch that sustains the person working hard at finding employment—these are the situations that make the work we do so rewarding.

It's natural that the first thing anyone thinks to donate to a food aid NGO, is food, but toiletries, hygiene and houselhold cleaning items are also extremely important.

No one should ever have to choose between feeding themselves or their pet. To ensure that no pet goes hungry, the pet food section of our “Food for Thought” program provides free life-saving pet food and supplies to anyone having financial difficulties.

We are so thankful for your kindness, and for thinking of those in need! You can drop off your food donation at our warehouse or at our charity store in Lagos. More donation drop-off locations will be added across the Algarve in the coming weeks.


Funds raised enables us to buy items that we do not have in stock, so that we can provide balanced packs of food, toiletries and in some cases even pet-food. It also enables us to buy such items as fresh vegetables, chicken and fish that we can distribute straight away to the beneficiaries of the program. Namely to families in need.

There are several ways that you can get involved to support us and help raise money. Straight Fundraising is one way to do so.

“Food for Thought” relies on donations to help keep up with need in our communities. One way that individuals can make a major difference when they donate food or funds, is to hold a food drive event.

On a regular basis we require the assistance of someone to help with grocery shopping in the Lagos area. Such shopping tops up the food donations that we receive from our donors, and which is used to make-up the 14 day packs for destribution to individuals or families in need.

We are looking for volunteers across the Algarve to collect food donations from our partners and donors.

Using any cream of mushroom soup tins that you may have received as part of your food pack, means that you now have the ingredients that will enable you to have a nice and tasty creamy sauce that can be mixed with tuna, any type pasta and peas.

Casseroles are a great way to feed many hungry mouths. This broccoli and rice casserole bake is no exception.

This quick sausage and chickpea dish is perfect for weeknight meals! You can throw it together quickly with just a few ingredients.

Its a factor of life, that often we do not know how to use tin sardines to make a meal out of it. Here's an interesting recipe that you can have with rice or with a salad.

When all you have in your cupboards is spaghetti, tuna and beans, here’s another recipe that uses canned tuna and beans.

This is a recipe that my kids loved when they were growing up (and still do) and so does the whole family too. This is without a doubt an easy and cheap recipe, especially if you grow your own chives.