Join the Program

Join the Program

The Empowerment Gateway’s Friends membership card provides you with a membership, which offers a range of benefits, information, discounts, exclusive events, and entertainment offers. And of course you gain immediate access to the "InContact" support program.

Being a member of the Friends of Empowerment Gateway enables you as well to have access to a broader range of benefits that is not available to non-members.

For 60€ a year for an individual or 100€ for a couple - less than the price of one cup of coffee a week for two people, you become part of our growing family of friends.


Being a Friend of EG gives you immediate entry to the “In Contact” program. A program that not only do you gain access to a team of experts with extensive knowledge, skills and experience across a vast range of fields, but you also benefit from early bird warnings about what is taking place within the EG fold as well as early-warning on any new developments within the Empowerment Gateway umbrella.


Here's some of the "InContact" immediate benefits:

  • Discounts starting at 10% in the InContact expert services
  • Tap into a network of experts
  • Receiving our monthly newsletter, full of valuable information
  • Get connected to the local community
  • Be part of the Empowerment Gateway family


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Why you should Refer Your Friends to Join the EG Family

We all recognise the power that word-of-mouth endorsements have.

Currently, where everyone is connected and reputations are built with a mere tap on a button, nothing is as rewarding as knowing our members recommend us to friends or business partners, thus assisting us in building and maintaining a trustworthy professional service environment.

To this end, we have decided to recognise the efforts of those Friends that help us grow and strengthen our structure through an incentive programme:

For each new member recruited by an existing Empowerment Gateway Friend, we will issue a redeemable voucher of 10€ that can be used at Empowerment Gateway niche market charity shop in Lagos, at events and workshops during your membership year, or applied to the next annual membership fee.


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