About the In-Contact Program

About the In-Contact Program

Since the 80’s Portugal has seen an influx of foreigners wanting to make Portugal their home. Initially the influx of immigrants was slow, but in the past 10 years it greatly increased.

Currently there are nearly 1 Million SEF registered immigrants living in the country, with the highest number located in Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve, with English speaking individuals representing a large sector of the immigrant population.

The motivation for choosing Portugal as the country of choice has many reasons, ranging from relaxed lifestyle, affordable cost of living, amazing weather, beautiful coastlines and countryside, and off course the welcoming local communities.

One challenge facing individuals though, is the massive bureaucracy they are confronted with once the honeymoon phase is over. Coupled with the red tape, many are faced with dealing with different cultures and intricate business and legal processes, often of a totally unfamiliar nature.

Added to the normal challenges of immigration, we are all now facing a global paradigm shift, which will increase the levels of frustration that many experience and bring added challenges to all.

The founders of Empowerment Gateway are themselves immigrants, some living in Portugal since the 80’s, others joining later. But what we all have in common is a well-seasoned Expat lifestyle, covering nearly every major country on the planet.

Our own personal experiences since selecting Portugal as our country of choice for our retirement, motivated us to create this very specialised support service.

In past 10 years, our founders and directors have directly assisted hundreds of individuals dealing with a myriad of issues, from getting residency through to starting a business, assisting with identifying appropriate schools, facilitating probate challenges successful resolutions … you name it, the list is long.

Did we do it ourselves? Off course not!

Instead we built a network of trusted service experts to whom we referred those that approached us. What we are doing now, with the InContact project, is extending the access to our vast network of experts, service providers and consultants to everyone.

We believe that with this service, we will assist you and so many like you to sail safely trough the challenges of selecting Portugal as your country of choice, so that you can really enjoy it to the full.

The In-Contact Program Vision

To enable all English-speaking people to lead fuller lives in Portugal.

The Program mission.

To empower English speaking people to lead fuller lives as actively engaged citizens in Portugal and to provide access to appropriate services and support according to their changing needs, whilst protecting their human rights.

What The In-Contact Program Does!


We help British and other English speakers to know their rights and make the best choices for living in Portugal, especially as they age.

​Health and aging care

We put people in control of the health care they receive, while sharing best practice to improve services.


We tackle loneliness, get people active especially as they age, and support people to stay independent for longer.

​Campaigning & research

We run campaigns and conduct research to help make later life better today and tomorrow.

Policy and practice

We work with other organisations and service providers in Portugal, Europe and internationally to:

  • share best practices.
  • ensure that the voices of immigrant children, families and older people are heard.
  • improve social cohesion and active participation in the society.


But we are still a very small organisation and we are fully dependent on support from the public.