In-Contact Program

All Expats and immigrants to Portugal really benefit from having access to a strong support network, and that's what Empowerment Gateway provides.

Since the 80’s Portugal has seen an influx of foreigners wanting to make Portugal their home. Initially the influx of immigrants was slow, but in the past 10 years it greatly increased.

With Empowerment Gateway’s “In-Contact” Services, we assist our clients in addressing many of the questions they may have as a result of living, visiting or investing in Portugal.

The Empowerment Gateway’s Friends membership card provides you with a membership, which offers a range of benefits, information, discounts, exclusive events, and entertainment offers. And of course you gain immediate access to the "InContact" support program.

We have partnered with some of the best experts in Portugal to help and advise you through a wide range of issues. Simply complete the online form and ask the experts your questions. Be as detailed as possible about your query. This is NOT a free service.

The Issue

Due to the Covid measures put into place by the Portuguese government, obtaining a fiscal number from a Portuguese Tax Department in person is currently impossible. Portuguese tax departments are no longer open to the general public for standard issues.

The Issue

A client faced a large Income Tax bill due to errors made by an accountant.

The Issue

There are always challenges when a family is relocated to a new country, be it because of a transfer in a company or because they got a brand new job in a new country.

The Issue

 Preparing to move a family and opening up a new business in Portugal prior to leaving the country of origin.