Refer a Senior

Refer a Senior

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Senior Referring Application

Welcome to the Adopt a Senior program! Our aim is to make life a little brighter for the senior's in our community!

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*Please note: If the senior currently resides at a senior's own home, please be sure to add the name of the residence to this portion of the application. Otherwise add the name of the care home.

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Please list 5 special items they would wish to receive during the course of this year!
*Please note: Wish list items can be anything from clothing to slippers, books, music, movies, toiletries, games and more! If clothing items are being added, please ensure to be as descriptive as possible; size, colour, material. *Don't forget to include their favourite treat!

Is there anything else you wish to tell us that would make this year extra special?

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Is the senior willing to meet the donor?
In the past, donor's have been interested in meeting their senior (as well as delivering a gift at Christmas time or Birthday). If they are willing to meet the donor, please let us know below.
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I am nominating a senior and I have permission from that senior to submit this application
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