“Adopt a Senior" program is an avenue to reconnect senior citizens - initially across the Algarve with people from the entire generational age spectrum before we extend the projects that are integrated in the program into other areas of the country, or even further afield. For the young generations, this program has all the conditions to act as a bridge to overcome the gap that exist between generations.

With the launch of the "Adopt A Senior" Program, we did so, knowing that this program can raise 1000's of smiles in receivers and givers across the globe.

Note: This form is still being created. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Note: This form is still being created. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Note: This form is still being created. We apologise for the inconvenience.

While most seniors have told us what they would like to receive during our surveys. The topic that touched us the most was the fact they felt lonely - they wanted more than anything to have someone to talk to, to have someone visiting them, they wanted to have contact with others.

This is a detail-oriented task that is ideal for anyone with basic personal computer skills, that is familiar with using database driven processing software.

Just as the title says, requires the Gift-wrapping all of the presents (gifts) that will be sent out for delivery to the senior’s registered in the program.

This is a fun job! Although the Gift Stockers volunteers must be able to lift heavy boxes and use box cutters.

This is the group that makes it all happen! All of the thousands of gifts that have been carefully wrapped and prepared for delivery need to be taken to their assigned route storage spot in the warehouse.

Checkers pack and prep the gift bags, boxes and presents for the deliveries. This is an important step in making sure each senior, especially if they are in a care home has something to open.

It’s not over when it’s over! The Adopt a Senior project does not end when the last delivery is completed!

Life is really better when we make a new friend! Are you ready to increase your circle of friends?

Living across two continents or in far away countries can reduce the amount of time that parents and grandkids get to see or spend time with our elders. That has been my own experience along the years.

Shortly after arriving in the Algarve from South Africa, an elderly English couple that lived next door to us, would call on me to help with many things. At the time the wife was in her late 70’s and the husband in the early 80’s.