Free our Elders from Isolation in Hospitals, Care Homes & Hospices

Free our Elders from Isolation in Hospitals, Care Homes & Hospices

Everyone's goal should be to have governments rectify current policy in hospitals, hospices and care home environments and to free the elderly that are being kept away from their family members physical embrace and loving touch.

Freeing elders that are being disallowed the basic human right of touch and dignity, especially when they are faced with illness, death, dying and the unknown, is everyone's responsibility.

During this time of COVID-19, our norms have changed and have been modified to allow for social distancing, disease control and a new way of NON TOUCH-interaction in society.

This new norm is difficult for all to abide by, but is especially so for those with compromised brain function, i.e., Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Senility, or any coexisting morbidity that allows their current care-taker to deny them the right, the basic human right of love, affection, and physical contact from their immediate family, spouses and/or family members.

Our elders don’t understand, nor do they comprehend what is taking place. They feel imprisoned and as if they are being punished, without knowing or understanding what are they being punished for.

In fact political leaders are really punishing our elders just because they can.

They are doing so under the false dogma that they are protecting our senior’s health, when in fact they are killing them faster!

Governments are denying farewells, end of life closure and basic decency to our elders; government leaders are denying our elders the right to die knowing they are loved, appreciated and honoured, instead our elders are humans being discarded as if they are a useless burden to society,  with no right to a final farewell, or to a celebration of their lives!

We call on government leaders and all health professionals to act responsibly. You all HAVE the duty to satisfy the basic need by our elders to familial touch so as to not only survive, but also THRIVE!

We bring to everyone’s attention the many events that are taking place across the world - riots and demonstrations – and ask, if we are able to rise up to fight for human rights for other reasons, I can’t think of a cause greater than lifting the jail like conditions that our elders and their loved ones are being subjected too currently.

Public transparency and consultation is required. Small number of decision makers can no longer make decisions on behalf of our elders, on their own, and behind closed doors. Many individuals are more than willing to work with decision makers regarding creating acceptable solutions to this despicable and unacceptable state of affairs. Let’s all be part of the solution and not be part of the problem.

We call on all health workers, hospital personnel, and caregivers in old age homes, care homes and hospices, to stand-up and give voice to those in your care. Join those that are already raising their voices. After all, your business model is based primarily on caring for human rights, human needs, providing closure and for death with dignity. And finally we call on all family members that are being prevented from seeing, touching and loving their elders because their elders are being held prisioners in so many institutions, stand-up and be a voice for your loved ones.

Please give our Elders the respect they deserve. Treat these folks as if they were your Mother or Father and act accordingly.

Keep in mind that you, yourself may one day find yourself in the same situation or even worse. Is that how you would like to find yourself then?

Keep in mind that if we do not do something about it now, that's what we will all face in the end!


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